Het ontwikkelen van een “Healthy Workplace Dashboard” door ICT-student van de HWP


Voorbeeld van hoe een kenniswerker feedback zou krijgen

My name is Serkan Orhan and I’m 20 years old. I’m currently studying HBO-ICT at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Software Engineering to be more exact. The reason I choose this study is because I was always interested in technology. What are computers actually? How do they work? How can we program them? These are examples of questions I would ask myself. In high school I choose the profile “Natuur en Techniek” because it was the closest thing to technology in my eyes. After I finished high school, I started with the study program I’m currently doing. I also completed the minor Smart Energy last year successfully . During this minor I worked on projects that had something to do with energy and information technology.

I’m currently doing my final internship at the Healthy Workplace in order to graduate. The Healthy Workplace is busy with an assignment that will make working healthier. This raised my interest because it’s something that I’ve never thought of nor heard of. There are a lot of types of sensors at the Healthy Workplace which measure different things, but these measurements aren’t being used for anything yet. This is where my assignment comes in.

My assignment is to develop a mobile dashboard application which provides the users relevant feedback based on the sensor data from the environment and from the workers. To graduate for my study program it’s required to do an assignment with a research study supporting it. My research consist of acquiring of requirements for the mobile application. This is the core of my research. My goals is to find out what the employee wants and to document everything the dashboard should be able do for further development. To fulfill this I’m going to make a prototype and test it out with a focus group. This is how I will gather requirements and I’ll also get to know what the employee wants.

With my assignment I am the first developer of a dashboard application for the future where an employee could gain insightful knowledge of the workplace. Through this application, I hope I can support users to make themselves and their  workplace healthier. With my research I hope to have enough requirements for further development.

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